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Keep the Romance Alive: Spend Time Apart

Some people think that being in love means being inseparable. Of course when you are in love you want to see your significant other but in any relationship it is important to do your own thing.

Don't give up your passions just because you are in a relationship. If you love to do yoga or want to join a book club than go do it. If he loves to play Basketball with his friends or go to a game don't get mad. It will also give you more to talk about when you see each other.

When you are together do special things with each other. Have a date night. Go out to eat or see a movie. Don't make every single thing you do in life date night.Instead of running errands together go for a walk down the street. Give each other freedom because missing someone when they are not around can actually be a good thing. Then when you see each other again you can't wait to kiss them and you appreciate them more.

Most importantly always make time to talk with each other. Having deep conversations is important in any relationships. Even if it is just for ten minutes a day. Take time where you could laugh and talk with each other.

There is a saying "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." That saying means that the more you apart from the one you love the more you will miss them and love them. The more you will want to be with that person and when you get anticipate when it's time to see that person again. It is also not healthy to be with someone 24/7. When you are co-dependent you can begin to fight because you are always around each other. Give each other space and keep the relationship alive by spending time apart from each other.

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