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Keep the kids on the green while keeping green in your pocket

Gladstone Baseball Game.
Gladstone Baseball Game.

Having children it is a constant struggle to keep them active and at the same time save for their future. In the Kansas City area there are many choices for kid's recreation, some include AirZone, an exciting indoor bounce house with a coffee lounge for parents or Power Play an 80,000 square foot fun center with something for everyone.

These options are good for some days but can add up to be more money then planned. With Gladstone Parks and Recreation you have many options when it comes to kids and adults recreation, and you don't even have to live in the city to enjoy the benefits! For a flat rate you can enroll children three years old and up in just about any sport including: soccer, flag football, basketball, golf, baseball, bowling, dance, tumbling, softball, volleyball and more. The majority of the sports are only $35.00 but some can be closer $40.00.

All of these sports keep your children active and happy for about 6 weeks, with a two week break in between each sport. It makes it easy to keep your children in an activity constantly while making it very friendly to your pocket book! Any parent knows the more active a child is the happier they are, especially at bedtime.

While teaching them to be part of a team, working on gross and fine motor skills and keeping them healthy all at the same time, Gladstone Parks and Recreation should be the top of any parents to do list!