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Keep the flavor with Architec Housewares Concave Cutting Board

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The art of grilling a perfect steak is more than just meat to flame. The balance of seasoning and the cooking to a precise medium can make any cut of meat sublime. Why ruin all the effort with juices escaping from the carefully cared meat. The Architec Housewares Concave Cutting Board is the solution to keeping meat succulent.

The Architec Housewares Concave Cutting Board has an unique design featuring a concave center. The center reservoir holds up to 1/4 cup of liquid to keep meats juicy. The Gripper technology on the bottom keeps the cutting board still while slicing through the meat.

Any good grill master understands a key component to tasty meat is keeping the juices inside. Cut the meat too soon and all the flavor and goodness oozes out of the grilled meat. While this cutting board can't control when the user cuts the meat, it can help keep all the juices pooled under the meat itself. Instead of diverting juices into channels, the concave cutting board helps keeps the flavor in the meat through the design.

Large enough for a smoked brisket or a hearty steak, this cutting board is perfect for the chef or grilling enthusiast. Due to the specific design, it would be suggested to use this cutting board just for meats.

The Architec Housewares Concave Cutting Board retails for $59.99.