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Keep sugar away from your valentine ... he or she will be healthier for it

Sugar may not be the way to your valentine's heart
Sugar may not be the way to your valentine's heart

Ah Valentines Day … a day to purchase chocolates and sweeten the day for your special valentine. But, before you run out and buy that heart-shaped box of truffles, consider how sugar can affect the health of your beloved.

Humans evolved having little amounts of sugar in their diets. Research shows that consuming 100 grams of sugar will impair immune function for five hours. Sugar that lingers in the bloodstream is bad. It eventually results in oxidative stress, blood cell damage and increased inflammation to the arteries and veins.

Besides damage to the immune system, sugar supports the growth of yeasts in our intestinal system, providing a foothold over beneficial bacteria. If a person suffers from constant yeast infections, fungal infections of the skin (athletes foot, jock itch, etc.), or experiences gas and bloating, decreasing sugar in his or her diet may be beneficial.

Dr. Valerie Phillips, a naturopath, reveals that a sugary diet is the dietary equivalent of bungee jumping. She says, “Just like bungee jumping, a sugary diet causes an increase in stress hormones and the stress hormones suppress the immune system.”

Dr. Phillips warns about the dangers of consuming huge amounts of concentrated sweetness. "When a person eats sugary snacks all day long, his or her body needs to respond with repeated, rapid surges of insulin. The blood sugar levels then drop rapidly, resulting in subsequent sugar cravings. At this juncture, cortisol (a stress hormone) picks up the slack to stabilize the blood sugar. This constant up and down results in higher general levels of cortisol. The consequences of chronically elevated levels of cortisol include insulin resistance, increased abdominal fat and immune suppression.”

Instead of damaging your valentine’s immune system and adding to his or her abdominal girth, consider giving flowers.