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Keep opening that door

Motorcycle to the seven churches
Motorcycle to the seven churches
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Behold, I stand at the door and knock…(Rev. 3:20).

I memorized today’s text before I had any clue where it came from or what the original intention of the passage was. I memorized it because it was shared with me as an image of how to become a Christian in the biblical sense of what that word means. I was told that Jesus was standing at the door of my life and knocking. He wanted me to open that “door” and invite him in. I remember the night I did exactly that. I asked…he came. That was over forty years ago and the memory is as vivid today as it was the day after my life was invaded by Jesus.

In its original context this verse was written to a church in the city of Laodicea in modern day Turkey. Two weeks ago I stood in the archeological ruins of that ancient city. My son took the picture you see to show my friends that you could actually visit the churches of Revelation via motorcycle. It is a “bucket list” trip I’d like to do.

If you don’t know the story, the church in Laodicea had grown “lukewarm”. They had lost the zeal they once had for Jesus. Their faith was like the water supply that came to Laodicea from Hieropolis (visible from the ruins of Laodicea). It was hot when it left the hot springs of Hieropolis, but had become lukewarm by the time the aqueduct reached Laodicea. If the water wasn’t re-boiled, it would make you sick to your stomach. Jesus actually said the spiritual state of this church at this time made him want to vomit!

In order to heat up their faith, the Laodiceans needed to open the door of their lives again and invite Jesus to take over. Only he can re-heat that which has grown cold. Along with an initial invitation responding to that knocking of Jesus on the door of our lives, I think this is a picture of what we need to do daily. Once inside, I don’t believe Jesus ever leaves. But there are other doors he wants us to open in our inner lives so that he can occupy, and in baseball terminology, “bring the heat”.

Jesus might be knocking on the door of your life today. He might even be inside already, but knocking to get your attention and remind you to allow him to fill your life today with his presence and power. The encouragement for you today is simple: let him in!

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