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Keep on truckin’ as White House ups the ante on greenhouse gas standards

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President Obama today ordered the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation to create new fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas standards for both personal and commercial trucks by March 31, 2016.

Speaking at a Safeway distribution center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, the President issued the new directive and reiterated his recent State of the Union commitment to building on the fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas standards issued by the administration in August 2011.

Under existing standards, combination tractors, pickup trucks and vans, and vocational vehicles are required to reduce their fuel consumption and emissions by 10 to 20 percent. According to the White House, these requirements would save as much as 530 million barrels of oil and more than $50 billion in fuel costs for owners and operators.

The administration also plans to ask Congress to end subsidies to oil and gas companies and set up a fund for the research and development of “advanced vehicle technologies.” These are technologies that power vehicles that run on alternate fuels, including natural gas and hydrogen, and apply to electric cars as well.

The White House is also proposing a new $200 million for companies that invest in advanced vehicles and infrastructure, plus an extension of tax credits for companies developing new biofuels.

If your business owns or operates commercial vehicles – particularly trucks, tractors or vans – and you’d like more information on the new federal fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas standards, click here.

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