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Keep moving with fun safe fitness products

Dye-namic Movement products are a fun, safe way to fitness
Dye-namic Movement products are a fun, safe way to fitness

Kimberly Dye keeps people moving with Fun, Safe Fitness Products. Kimberly Dye, M.S. BC-DMT a board certified Dance/Movement Therapist, former dancer, and Balance Body Pilates Mat certified instructor. She is the founder, manufacturer and distributor of Dye-namic Movement products since 1995, and has created such products as Stretch-eze, Elastablast & Airwalker.

Dye-namic Movement products
Dye-namic Movement products

Kimberly’s keen sensitivity and intelligent approach to Pilates and movement come from a twenty year professional ballet and modern dance career, clinical work as a movement therapist, and thirty years of developing and teaching fitness programs.

Her products will help you with your fitness, choose one or more that is right for you:

Stretch-eze (available in 4 sizes starting at $26.95)
• The ultimate full body fitness band for Pilates, Yoga & Stretching, It’s perfect for travel, durable, compact, and can provide a pain-free resistance workout.
• Made of stretchy, 15 inch wide, soft, spandex fabric sewn in different loops for different heights.
• Washable, durable fabric is odorless and the width and texture provides sensory feedback as well as resistance for eccentric muscle action.

Elastablast (available in 4 sizes starting at $79.00)
• A fleece covered circular bungee used to facilitate dynamic movement in fitness or physical education groups.
• The strength and rebound of Elastablast creates an exciting new movement experience that keeps you grounded in body weight
• Dynamic push and pull of the stretch and recoil helps to build muscular strength

The Airwalker ($275.00)
• A unique sensory experience. The suspended design of heavy, 9 ounce stretch fabric provides the feeling of being airborne and deeply held at the same time.

• The cocoon like design provides a total body pressure that not only feels good, but builds muscular strength, coordination, and balance.
• Suspension and compression activates the nervous system to help you feel energized, alert and relaxed. The sensory experience includes: suspension, swinging, spinning, dangling, compression, resistance and stretch.

All Dye-namic Movement products are sold separately and/or can also be accompanied with suggested moves manuals and/or DVDs. All items are priced individually.

DVD titles:
1. Ultimate Pilates Workouts with Stretch-eze: Five targeted workouts and a 20 minute full body workout.
2. Stretch-eze for Kids: Brain dance, Pilates Mat, and Stretching for Pairs.
3. Pilates Mat with Stretch-eze: 60 minute easy to follow Pilates mat series with the support and resistance of Stretch-Eze.
4. Pain Free Pilates with Stretch-eze: Dynamic core section is 26 minutes of core strengthening & Dynamic stretch is 16 minutes of active & passive stretch.
5. Pilates Mat with Stretch-eze Training Manual Level 1 & DVD: Training manual from 4 hour course on traditional mat series exercises with Stretch-eze. DVD includes card and exercise images. (cards are sold separately.)

Other products available on the website are: BodySox (5 sizes starting at $41.95); Co-OperBlanket (3 sizes starting at $89.00); Slo Mo Ball ($12.50 ball only, $24.95 Ball with CD), and more. The products are sold worldwide and online through educational, therapy and fitness catalogs including and

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