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Keep Moving Forward and DO NOT Give Up!

An Orthodox Icon of Jesus Christ, the Teacher
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This is an epoch of great sin and horrid chaos, with people devoid of love and compassion. There are lions and wolves dressed with angelic faces with ostensible perfection. Men will harm men with a smile, and women will defile their bodies with women. We live in the most sinful of generations with the most evil of people.

Out of the millions of evildoers, there will be only a handful of sinners begging God for forgiveness. We all are sinners from birth, yet not all of us will do intentional evil against our brothers and sisters. Some will walk and talk as a fellow believer of Jesus. Many will be cunning and unwaveringly kind, but underneath have only darkness that dwells within them.

Fellow Brethren, DO NOT BE FOOLED! The darkness is slick and sly with purpose to hurt you and sway you from our Lord. There is no line between good and evil anymore. Many will appear kind and decent, only to slap you twice across the face. The seemingly innocent will deceive you when she reveals her true nature. The composed, who is overtly polite and charming, will reveal his empty heart, squashing you like an ant.

Despite where you are in life, at some point you will encounter such serene inhumanity. As good-hearted people, we will feel sorry for those around us. We, however, are the ones who are taken for granted and abused in all ways possible.

When you are confronted with a sweet face hiding a dark inside, be strong. Never allow it to know you are against him or her. Be decent and civil towards your brother and sister, regardless of how they are to you. People do not care about kindness or respect. Many only respond to cruelty and indecency.

Beloved, always remember that this life is only temporary. Our Lord is never far from us. Always remember to thank God and to keep Him FIRST no matter what happens. Do not allow these cruel nameless beings to win the war with you and our Lord, Jesus. Choose your battles. It is better to lose a couple here and there than to stray away completely from God.

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