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Keep learning alive over the summer with special books and fun math puzzles

Summer is a great time for children to discover the books they like
Summer is a great time for children to discover the books they like

Research shows that come September,  children who continued to develop their math and reading skills over the summer show far greater leaps in learning than kids who do not.

Summer, however should be pressure-free and children should be given a choice as to how they can best develop these skills.

Fortunately there are a host of wonderful books and math games that make the process not only educational but authentically fun.  The following are some suggestions:


  • The Amber Brown Series by Paula Danzinger
  • A to Z Mystery Series by Peggy Parish
  • Cam Jansen Series by David A. Adler
  • Freckle Juice by Judy Blume
  • Horrible Harry Series by Cynthia Rylant
  • Magic Kitten Series by Sue Bentley
  • Weird School Series by Dan Gutman
  • Sisters 8 Series by Robert Munsch


  • Set: available as a card game or as an online game:
  • Blockus: also available to play on line:
  • Katamino
  • Rush Hour
  • Tangoes

These books and games can be found at


  • Rahela Choudhury, Woodside Family Examiner 5 years ago

    Thank you for this. And it's true kids should still learn during the summer but not be pressured to learn too much.

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