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Keep it straight


Lets get started. Hair season is just around the corner. What does this mean? It means the days when you want to have great looking hair without it getting frizzy or unmanageable is coming up quick. It is said that women with straight hair want curly hair and women with curly hair want it straight. Well, lets dive in with some great products to have beautiful finger combing locks. The first thing that you can use right out of the shower is a smoothing balm. A great product is by It's a 10 Silk Express miracle silk smoothing balm This bottle truly is a miracle product. Use it on damp hair; only a little goes a long way. Not only does this product help smooth hair before you blow dry, but it cuts drying time in half and it's a thermal protector. It has a light lilac smell and it does not leave your hair feeling weighed down because it does not cause build-up in your hair. However, I do advise only use this product on damp hair, not dry. If you need some extra smoothness when your hair is dry, use a flat iron. Buy a tool that is CERAMIC PLATED! Anything that says ceramic coating will flake off after awhile and you have to throw it away.