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Keep going green

Health benefits of going green.
Health benefits of going green.
Julie Wanner, CMA, AS, FIFHI Certified, Author of "Diabetes Can Be Sweet...Once You Bury It."

Did you know that you can keep going green every day? You sure can. How? Have a cup of strong green tea. Since green tea has caffeine you should avoid it before bedtime or drink naturally decaffeinated green tea. If you have diabetes, you can sweeten the tea with stevia. In addition, in order to receive the most health benefits you should drink a high quality green tea like Mr. Itaru’s special Green Tea blend, Gen Mai Cha, which is grown and produced in Japan from the finest premium green tea leaves. Not only will this tea boost your immunity but it will lower blood sugars and blood pressure. Also, it will lower cholesterol and even prevent hardening of the arteries which will reduce the risk of strokes and heart disease.

Did you know that green tea can even fight tooth decay and gum problems? This is great news for anyone with diabetes. This tea contains very potent antioxidant flavonoids which helps eliminate damaging free radicals. Cancer cells will immediately scurry away from catechins as catechins will destroy them. What are catechins? Catechins are the tea’s powerful polyphenols which contain potent antioxidant flavonoids. In addition, diabetes is no friend of catechins either.

If you want to stay young, keep going green every day since green tea is a powerful anti-aging drink. If you prefer adding Matcha green tea to your smoothies you’ll increase your health benefits even more.

I think it’s time to notify all of the diseases like diabetes and cancer…catechins will destroy you and win!

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson