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Keep dust and allergens at bay: Quick tip for cleaning silk flower arrangements

Lots of people are allergic to flowers because of pollen or just the strong aroma of certain individual blooms. So the next best thing to dress up a table or corner in the home is to utilize the various types of silk flowers on the market. A bouquet of flowers whether real or silk will brighten an area and make it feel more like home while giving the appearance of bringing a little outdoors inside to enjoy.

Keep dust and allergens at bay
Home and Living Examiner / Beverly Mucha

One issue with silk flowers is they are dust collectors. Over time the leaves and petals of the silk flowers will collect dust and add more allergens to the air in that room. Wetting a cloth and wiping each leaf and petal can take forever and loosen that dust back into the air.

The easiest way to keep those silk flowers dust free so it won’t affect you or your family is quite a simple process. Just remove the flowers from the vase and place them in a paper bag. Depending upon how large the arrangement is pour a quarter cup of table salt into the bag. Then fold the top of the bag down and go outside. Once outdoors shake the bag up and down for a few minutes. Then remove the silk flowers by the stems and shake out the remaining salt granules away from your face. Roll up the paper bag and toss it in the trash.

Now all that dust that was lingering on your arrangement will be gone making them look fresh and clean. The added bonus is you won’t be embarrassed by the dusty flowers and at the same time won’t be breathing in those harmful dust mites and allergens that have collected upon your décor.

Just a little shake and dust is gone!

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