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Keep doing good girl : Social media now via Shorty Awards nominee

Keep doing good : nominee for social media Shorty Awards
Keep doing good : nominee for social media Shorty Awards
dwinslow photoshopped iknowimyouridol

A message came by last evening on this writer's account on Twitter, highlighting a person @iknowimyouridol as an advocate, ambassador for youth self care and coping and as a nominee for the 2014 Shorty Awards.

This morning also on Twitter, the PBS Director for When Medicine Got It Wrong: the fight for better mental health research, care, policies and understanding, Katie Cadigan @whenmedicine posted the CBS news link from last night, and regarding the loss of her brother after her family flailed without supports contending with his mental health struggles.

This writer spent 25 years in direct service in mental health and addictions treatment and is a huge advocate of webs of support and innovative non-medical interventions that focus on education, relapse prevention and team responses.

Mental health and addictive disease can be diagnosed and successfully treated in many cases. Understanding the value of even simple acts to steady self, has value in longterm sobriety and wellness. Awareness of the dissolution of formal supports, over use of medications and failure to make available and employ continuums of care for proper care is imperative for things to get to "better" for youth and young adult mental health exactly. It is probably true for all mental health and addictions service and #SAMHSA, #NAMI, , #NIMH all have service matrix, where a continuum of care is the best answer.

Outpatient, outpatient crisis, 23 hour observation crisis, inpatient, day patient, evening programs and aftercare are the generally accepted set of care that makes a difference. Clients need to be able to move between service levels as things change, in order to have supports and to remove risk and unpredictablity, extreme caregiver or client stress and death.

So, back to @iknowimyouridol.

Shorty Awards are a relatively new phenomenon, allowing the public to vote via social media for people they find to have made a dent in social media over the past year. Sponsored by Univision, BarnesandNoble, New York Life,A&E, Blue, HBO and others.

The positive contributions are laid out over various environments. People in the pool, of say #Twitter, the electronic gig that asks account holders to tip thoughts in 140 words, whereabouts and photos are currently reviewing and promote their favorite account holders. On the social media stream, the community pushes them forward in the nominations process. So, here are the categories, (Keep Good Going is the one to watch for this person)

These are the rules for voting

Twitter account holder, @iknowimyouridol self-identifies as a 16 year old female, who has discovered that by responding to others online, she is focusing and balancing herself, and this self-balancing may provide glimpses of opportunity for others in their journey.

She is a minor, and so her information is cloaked which is appropriate.

@iknowimyouridol self-identifies as having mental health issues that include depression and suicidality. She uses recovery language, and is consistent in being supportive, motivating and inquisitive over various environments. This writer reminded her that she is the same age as Malala Yousafazi and that got 'OMG, I love Malala." from @iknowimyouridol.

( So wouldn't it be cool if the two could meet? )

In an impromptu conversation, she noted the following 10 things when asked about herself : These are her exact DM entries to this writer last night:

1.) My name is Eleni, i'm 16 years old and I use my twitter account to help depressed/suicidal (teens)

2.) I've been depressed for more than a year and i'm currently recovering.

3.) Recovering from eating disorder and self-harm :)

4.) I think it is important to spread these awareness of these mental illnesses because either they don't know peole have them or they don't care

5.)I live in Canada and i'm currently a senior in high school

6.) I speak 3 languages every day: greek, french and english in order. but if you speak to me in or write to me in spanish or italian, i'll understand

7.) Hobbies : music , piano, softball

8.) I'd rather take care of someone else ( real life or twitter) than myself, i'm not selfish meaning

9.) I'm not the type of person to have many friends, so i hardly have any. i kinda face life on my own, because i don't trust easily

10.) i've been bullied my entire life.

So. There you have it. An exclusive interview of sorts about a Social Media user who'd like readers to consider her method and efforts at #keepgoodgoing.

It appears Eleni also covers issues of teen dating violence prevention a version of relational violence like bullying, and February is also dedicated to that as a coping and mental health focus in the United States.

Be sure and vote in the #ShortyAwards! Entries such as this in Eleni's Twitter would be the reason for this writer's nomination.

#KeepGoodGoing girl!

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