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Keep coyotes away from your yard and garden - Coyote population runs rampant

You do not want to find this coyote in your yard or garden!
You do not want to find this coyote in your yard or garden!
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Coyotes keep a constant vigil in some city neighborhoods. They're carrying away pets and making a mess with garbage. This is quite scary to residents who are desperate to keep coyotes away from their property. One Denver area neighborhood has posted tips for people trying to keep coyotes away.

The first and best way to keep coyotes away from your yard is to install a six foot fence.

This will keep family members and pets safe from prowling coyotes. Coyotes are not high jumpers so the tall fence does a great job of keeping them away.

Coyotes are night animals.

Lighting up the yard and home perimeter will also keep them away. Like most wild animals, coyotes have an instinctual fear of fire and light triggers the same keep away response in them.

Keep all yard and other trash put away in locked cans or dumpsters.

One reason coyotes come around is for a free meal. Be sure to put away all foods from outdoor parties as well. This will keep odors from luring coyotes and other scavengers away from normal feeding grounds and into your yard.

Gardens in the yard are another banquet for wild predators such as coyotes.

Be sure to keep yard gardens and compost piles well enclosed. Coyotes may still smell the garbage from the compost pile and the food in the garden but the fence will keep them away from it.

Talk to neighbors about following these same tips.

If the whole neighborhood is working to keep coyotes away, your yard becomes a safer place.

Keep yard bushes trimmed and yard trimmings thrown away.

This gives predators like coyotes no available place to hide. Be sure the yard has no convenient den spots. This would be a cave like place that provides shelter, rather than keeping coyotes away.

If at all possible it's best to keep pets inside, away from coyotes.

When pets are in the yard, either stay with them or keep them in a coyote safe enclosure. Allowing pets to roam freely is like providing food for the coyotes. It does nothing to keep them away from the neighborhood or yard.

Use caution when walking at night in a neighborhood known to have coyotes.

Bring a flashlight to keep coyotes away. Whenever walking a pet away from the yard, keep the pet on a short leash. Pick the pet up if coyotes are encountered.

When encountering a coyote, keep your distance.

Make a great deal of noise by banging on pots and pans or other metal. Loud noises will keep coyotes away from the yard. Coyotes can also be kept away from the yard by throwing stones at them.

There are animal urine repellents that will also keep coyotes away from unfenced yards.

You can get them here.Coyotes will not go near the territories of some animals.

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