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Keep closets bug-free without toxins or mothballs when storing clothing

When storing clothing away for the season the first item most people think of to place in or around the containers are mothballs. Mothballs do provide a great method when it comes to repelling bugs, especially moths from stored clothing. The biggest issue with mothballs is that it seems to also repel people as well with its strong aroma.

Don't use moth balls when storing clothes for past seasons!
M. Trusper

Mothballs have been used for ages and are considered an old-fashioned method as a moth repellent. They contain toxic vapors that no nose likes to smell and it doesn’t dissipate when the clothing is needed again for that particular season. That means more work before any item can be worn because all of what was stored needs to be either washed and dried or dry-cleaned first.

A better method that is just as effective is to create a sachet pouch using whole peppercorns instead. Peppercorns are wonderful as a repellent for moths and won’t irritate anyone entering the closet, container the clothes are stored in and won’t require washing before the next season unless you really want to.

Just place a handful of whole peppercorns in a sachet pouch, small swatch of fabric tied with a ribbon or into an old leg of pantyhose. To get the most of from the peppercorns it is advisable to slightly crush them without turning them into dust. Just place them into a small plastic bag first, lightly tap them with a mallet or press them gently with a rolling pin. Once the peppercorns are slightly broken up they will emit more of their scent making them even more powerful to repel those insects that can harm and eat away at your clothing. Plus, when the clothes are taken out for the following season to be worn they will have a light spicy scent to them instead of the overpowering scent of mothballs.

Store clothes and repel bugs without toxins and hard odors naturally!

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