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Keep children playing and learning with Boston Children's Museum's fun workshops

Summer is just about here, and the Boston Children’s Museum has already lined up an impressive array of children’s activities to keep those little ones in a frequent state of playing and learning!

Enjoy workshops for families Sundays in June and July!
Courtesy of Les Veilleux/Boston Children's Museum

Having celebrated their centennial with 100 family activities last year, the award-winning Boston Children’s Museum, 309 Congress Street in Boston, Massachusetts, is keeping the momentum going with challenging workshops for kids 6 and older! From workshops teaching children the dynamics behind a bubble bath to song recording, Sundays at the Boston Children’s Museum will be that much more exciting for children! Click here for more information!

On Sunday, June 15, learn about bubble bath making, from creating the actual signature bubble bath to label design!

Then on Sunday, June 22, return to the Museum to get a closer look at some of the vast collections that the Museum have acquired over its more than 100 year history. Having collected these items from all over the world, discover the roots to what makes the Boston Children’s Museum such a lasting and award-winning experience!

On Sunday, July 13, attend another interactive workshop which teaches children how to make lip balm. Much like the bubble bath workshop, children will create their signature lip balm with label design. A workshop for music lovers will also take place on Sunday, July 13 as children learn the entire process of creating and recording a song, in a recording studio equipped with microphones and acoustic instruments!

All workshops are a family experience for all ages 6 and up! Visit for further details!

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