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Keep calm and buy organic

Keep calm and buy organic
Keep calm and buy organic

A lot of internet memes are floating around with anger towards big food companies such as Kelloggs. There’s a lot of anger behind it, as though placing the blame for the mere existence of GMOs falls on them. GMOs are a hot topic right now – the concept is valid, but just like the junk in all processed food, it just hasn't been studied enough for true safety, the long-haul kind of safety, in the human body.

However, the anger towards food companies needs to be toned down. When processed food and GMOs came out - the general population didn't question it or fight it. There was blind trust in the government and the food/farming industries. No one asked if Spam was safe to eat – it was assumed that if it was approved by the FDA and sold in stores, then it must be safe.

The general population demanded shelf-stable tasty food that's microwaveable and/or instant. That's exactly what they got. Over the next few decades, tastiness became the leading factor in the race to feed the world. This resulted in that super-secret, proprietary, perfect mix of salt, fat and sugar that is mixed into every processed food out there.

It's the same idea regarding the anger towards restaurants for serving junk food - hungry Americans would NOT wait for fresh food to be prepared from scratch to order. One of the biggest complaints in the restaurant industry is the supposed “long” wait time for food and drinks. If you want fast food, it has to be processed junk filled with preservatives, chemicals and more.

There are no two ways about this. You can either have healthy, fresh, well prepared food OR you can have a Happy Meal in less than 60 seconds.

The people demanded this, and yes, the people are going to fix it; but it should be done so nicely and calmly. Yes, boycott GMO-laden, processed foods, but do so by simply not buying them. Skip the angry-meme sharing frenzy on social media. Vote with hard-earned dollars at the grocery store - or better, at a farmer's market or through a CSA.

See, it's not about angry boycotts; it's about supply and demand. Look at the gluten-free trend - it wasn't based on anger, it was based on purchasing! The more people that buy gluten-free products, the more gluten-free products are created (although the processed GMO gluten-free stuff filling the supermarket isn’t that great or at all healthy!).

Another example of why this is not solely the fault of the food industry or government is agave nectar. Once this became trendy, the demand inevitably skyrocketed - it changed from a perhaps healthy alternative sweetener to processed syrup that appears to actually be worse than anything else out there, including straight white sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, which needed to be mass produced. The cheapest, fastest way to mass produce anything is in a factory, with chemicals.

Let’s also take Sriracha - the original version used a different, spicier pepper that is harder to grow. Would people pay a premium for a simple condiment to maintain the integrity of the original version? Absolutely not! They want it cheap, and they want it now.

The population has increased by billions in the last few decades and instead of maintaining organic, non-GMO practices for farming, and instead of preserving our old-fashioned way of life, we turned to innovation. Yes, the food and farming industries pay an insane amount of money to politicians to protect their interests, so it may seem like there’s not much to be done.

Angry boycotts and taking to the internet may seem like the only option left. Despite the internet being flooded with health information, new studies and GMO protests, what Kelloggs and every other company is seeing is still a profit on their junk products. If it ain’t broke, why fix it, right?

Kelloggs is not listening to internet rants, they're paying attention to sales. Had you ever even heard of celiac disease five years ago? Or agave nectar?

Change will only occur when it becomes an actual need for them, not because it’s the right thing to do, not because it will save America’s health, but because the CEOs will have to give up their third vacation house due to declining sales.

For the sake of health and sanity, keep calm and buy organic.

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