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Keep black cats indoors this Halloween season

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Everyone knows there are many bad things that can happen to pet cats left outdoors, from being run over by a car to ingesting a poisonous substance. These instances of harm rise sharply during Halloween, especially for black cats. Unsupervised teens with no sense and even sadistic adults seek to cause mischief, chiefly by abusing black cats on Halloween.

If such behavior is suspected in your neighborhood, call 911.

Animal shelters place a ban on adopting out black cats during the month of October. This is done to protect them from falling into the hands of those who seek to practice ritual violence on the innocent animals.

As reported by, shelters not only stop adopting out black cats, but white bunnies as well. The ban stays in affect until November 2.

With black cats already living under the stigma attached to their coloring, a little extra protection during the Halloween season is warranted. So if you haven't done so already, keep all black cats (and even any other color cat) indoors until the witching hour is complete. We all love our kitties, and because of that, we can stand a little insistent meowing to go outside for bit. In the long run, the well-being of ones pet is far more important than kitty missing a few nighttime jaunts.

Remember also, if you're planning on handing out candy to children, put kitty in another room with the door closed to prevent him/her from getting out.

Pet Safety Tips for Halloween from Care2.


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