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Keen Umbehr files to run for Governor of Kansas

Keen Umbehr (left) files to run for Governor of Kanas at Secretary of State's offices.
Keen Umbehr (left) files to run for Governor of Kanas at Secretary of State's offices.

Yesterday, May 20, 2014, Libertarian Party Gubernatorial candidate Keen Umbehr, made it official to be on the November, 2014 ballot in Kansas. Umbehr joins 18 Libertarian Party Gubernatorial candidates who have either announced, filed and/or qualified to be on the general election ballot in November across the nation. That list includes Libertarian Party of Florida Gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie.

Umbehr paid his qualifying fee and filed the proper paperwork yesterday. The candidate for Lt. Governor of Kansas is his son, Dr. Josh Umbehr. The duo are running against Republican incumbent Sam Brownback and his Lt. Governor, Jeff Colver as well as Democrat Paul Davis and his Lt. Governor candidate Jill Docking. The Democrats have not yet filed; however, have until June 2, 2014 to do so.

Umbehr is a former trashman who took the Wabaunsee County Commission to court after terminating a contract with him when he made derogatory public remarks about decisions the commission was making. The case ended up in the U.S. Supreme Court in 1996 and Umbehr won; establishing First Amendment rights for private contractors throughout the country. The case caused him to take a keen interest in law so he earned his law degree in 2005. His wife, Eileen, wrote a book about the case called Small Town Showdown.

Keen is quoted as saying, "As your governor, I will uphold the constitution, preserve your civil liberties, provide equal treatment under the law and promote government transparency and accountability while reducing its size and scope."

Umbehr's platform seem to be focused on freedom for those living in Kansas. He seeks to protect the personal property rights of Kansans, truly work to preserve the rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and work to implement a zero income tax for the state by utilization of the FairTax plan. "I know it seems like an outrageous thing, to go from trashman to Governor. But I'll just say I have this affinity to be governor of this state one day...Any 5 year-old can say they want to be president, so I'm saying may sound idealistic, and maybe it is," the Libertarian candidate said.