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Keck Park's Ghost


Photo by Letitia E. Minnick

If you make a left hand turn instead of proceeding straight into the parking lot at Keck Park, you'll turn onto Constitution Drive. Constitution Drive is a dark stretch of road that connects Allentown to Bethlehem in a line running next to the train tracks and the water. Water and darkness, it is claimed, attract spirits.
If you are laughing at me now, you have probably never driven down Constitution Drive on a cold autumn night, after midnight. The setting is nearly perfect for a haunting. In fact there are several tales of spirits who linger along Constitution Drive and may even rest themselves, on occasion, in Keck Park.
There is a story of a man who was run over by a train along Constitution Drive many years ago. Travelers down that dark stretch have reported seeing a one armed man in the company of two dogs very late in the evening.
"Initially, there was nothing really outstanding about him," reported a witness. "It just seemed a little odd that he would be down there with his dogs so late. Then, as he came into the headlights, I noticed he was missing an arm. I slowed down, I'm not sure why. But I could see that at the left shoulder, where the arm was gone, there seemed to be irregularities as if the wound hadn't been tended. I sped up and drove on down Constitution Drive."
"Then the really weird part happened," the man continued. "He and his dogs walked up on me again. They couldn't have gotten down the road that fast and they were coming toward me; like they had the first time I saw them. They should have, at least, been moving with their backs to me. It was impossible for them to have gotten as far as I did, as fast as I did. I was driving. It was impossible, just impossible."

Photo by Letitia E. Minnick

This same man and his two dogs seem to have been walking Constitution Drive and the perimeters of Keck Park for decades. Drivers have seen him appear in their headlights at the mouth of the parking lot and then, impossibly, walking toward their car with his dogs later, a little further along the dark, poorly lit road.
I can find no record of a death or dismemberment at the railroad tracks near Constitution Drive, and you can dismiss the man with dogs as an urban legend if you like. But instead, why not take a slow cruise past Keck Park and turn onto Constitution Drive one night after midnight. I don't know, say this Saturday, maybe.


  • William 5 years ago

    I think I've seen that guy, really. Kind of scary.

  • Esther 5 years ago

    Awesome write up, I think I will try driving through there this weekend, right in time for Halloween.

  • Patti 5 years ago

    I've been down that road many times late at night. While I've never seen the one-armed man....the road is creepy!

  • Joe 5 years ago

    I've heard that story, but with one dog ... freaky!

  • Carol 5 years ago

    good story and just in time for Halloween

  • tom 5 years ago

    urban legend or not i wouldn't want to see anything like that but it does remind me of the story of the gordon mountain ghost in schuylkill county. greg once again well written and timely

  • Jeff 4 years ago

    There may be more to this than you think. I saw a creepy guy in these woods last night with a dog. I posted my experience here (I'm post# 62323 way at the bottom)

  • James 2 years ago

    The road you are talking about is not actually Constitution Dr. Constitution Drive is a road on the south side of the Lehigh River and is more deserted than the road in your pics. The road at Keck Park is actually called "River Road".

  • Constitution drive the series on fb 1 year ago

    I am the host of Constitution Drive the series on facebook. check it out a good way to learn the road. The confusion is where Constitution drive is on the other side of the river from where your photos are. Consty as we call it was at one time called River Road. A truly amazing and crazy place. Where your pictures are is River drive. Although they are on opposite sides of the river are very connected. While your River Dr. is home to an old asylum, where crazies escaped and ran across to constitution Drive where many bad things happened. If you want to know more you will have to log on and see the series.

  • MyNameIsNoname 11 months ago

    The man who was hit by the train-His name was Pence. From a long family line in Allentown and the area.