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Kearny Villa Rd bike path narrowed to roadside

Traffic crowds that rush down, and up, Kearny Villa Road in Kearny Mesa, share less long road with bicyclists. The new green marked sharrow lanes south of Miramar Road give bicyclists less room to pedal along the open road path.

For safe travel. Northbound bike share lane on Kearny Villa Rd starts into safety buffered length. Friday, July 11.
Adam Benjamin
Northbound Bike Share Lane realigned at road exit n of 163 undercrossing.
Adam Benjamin

Left side lines, near the traffic, line a lane border a half foot to a foot in from the original new line. Fast cars and trucks now come as close as 4 and a half feet to 5 feet on the stretches, not 4 feet. Average safety barriers are not good enough for the commuters' KEarny Villa Road.

Widened striped safety barriers now stand up to the safety test. The new green sharrow markers that showed up in Kearny Mesa did not last to mid-year 2014. The restriped left bike lane stripes cut in across the green markers.

OPen road cycling does not keep San DIegans spinning their wheels without limits. Cyclists share the driving road that runs past the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station at a risk. The risk of getting cut off by a driver moving ahead to a run on their path at just the right time.

Looks ahead at the road exit crossings, with no bike share lines, keep the cyclist, and driver, lines going normal. At the first bridge southbound exit south of Miramar Road, north of the air station air field, the cyclists now have plain lines and markers on both sides of the crossing to use to line up a crossing. Cyclists start farther to the roadside, away from car traffic, and end on the Kearny Villa Road line drivers can see.

Four crossings, both directions at the north bridge, and the south northbound and southbound bridge exits just north of the 163 undercrossing, have easier to handle open road on the bike share path.

Pushes into the open road from close to the traveled traffic line ended. White guide lines no longer close into the open exit road.

At the south bridge southbound exit, wheels run off the main road on a striped bike lane. Bicyclist exits go clean. Free of back and forth exchanges on a shared driving road.

Marked places to share Kearny Villa Road, from Miramar Road, south, keep the runs of cyclists, that break ahead on the road, out of dnager. No more traffic run ins on the roadside and open road merges.

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