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Ke$ha is battling an eating disorder and enters rehab for treatment

Being in the limelight can affect how a person feels about themselves and perceives the way they look. When a celebrity is seen out in public, they are judged on how they look, what they said, and anything else that can be picked apart. According to a Jan. 4 report from ABC News, pop-star Ke$ha has been sent to a rehabilitation center for an unspecified eating disorder. The only details available were that she would be unavailable for 30 days and that she was being treated for an eating disorder. The 26-year-old singer showed no outward signs of battling something tragic like this, and fans are shocked at the news.

Ke$ha is best known for having several pop hits including “Tik Tok” and “Die Young.” She was the star of her own reality show called “My Crazy Beautiful Life” which aired on the MTV network. The show followed her around on tour and gave fans some insight on what it was like to be Ke$ha.

It looks like Ke$ha and her family want to keep the details private while she deals with an uphill battle. Fans have been wishing her love and showing support across social media. Once the rehabilitation is completed, Ke$ha should be back and ready to work again.

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