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KC's 'Marrying Minister' Fights for Life

KC's 'Marrying Minister' Fights for Life

The Rev. Barry Clemons in Coma after January Crash

Above is the local headline and story about Rev. Barry Clemons, dubbed the marrying minister for decades of marrying couples on Valentines Day in Kansas City. In January, his pickup was involved in an accident with the vehicle being severed in half and he is now in a coma.

For all those across the world reading this blog and believing in the power of prayer to your source of belief, say healing prayers for this minister that he might wake up before Valentines Day. Valentines Day, brought his joy along with others for decades – now is the time to wake him back up to his day of joy! Think we can do it – where two or more are gathered all is possible; combine this number in multitudes in prayer for the wish of a miracle for his family. It can be done!