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KC Road trip: LEGOLAND and Sea Life

Our visit to LEGOLAND and Sea Life in Kansas City.
Our visit to LEGOLAND and Sea Life in Kansas City.
Denise Bertacchi

We recently took the kids on a big roadtrip to Kansas City to visit LEGOLAND Discovery Center and Sea Life. Kansas City is a little under 4 hours away from our part of St. Louis, so we decided to make an overnight trip out of it!

We took a roadtrip with the kids to see LEGOLAND and Sea Life.
Denise Bertacchi

The boys were most excited about LEGOLAND, though I was personally more interested in the aquarium. (A good aquarium is one of the things St. Louis lacks!)

You can read all about our trip to LEGOLAND here, and about Sea Life here.

LEGOLAND and Sea Life are part of the Crown Center district--a shopping/tourist/convention area built next to Hallmark's corporate office. Crown Center is home to two nice hotels, so we opted to stay at the Sheraton and just walk to LEGOLAND and Sea Life.

We drove in on a Friday night, but if you go, I think I'd recommend driving in Saturday morning instead. Both LEGOLAND and Sea Life are open pretty late on a weekend (and all the time in the summer) so we didn't have to be there first thing in the morning. We might have had more time to see other things if we had done things differently. As it was, we played Saturday morning, had a late lunch, visited a nearby memorial park--very briefly--then got back on the road by Saturday around 5pm.

We had lunch at Fritz's Railroad Restaurant in Crown Center, which was great. It's a burger joint, with old fashion hamburgers (kinda like Steak N Shake) delivered by model trail. It's nothing fancy, but the food was simple, tasty and well priced. And the boys thought it was a blast.

(FYI: We received free tickets to visit both LEGOLAND and Sea Life. Opinions are our own.)