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KC Lyn Is Hawaii's Hip Hop Queen.

I finally got a chance to catch KC Lyn while taking a quick break from her recording session, for her new hot album coming this summer in 2014. Not having much time, I jumped right into the interview, with Hawaii's hip hop queen.

KC Lyn is pure fire on the microphone.
KC Lyn
Welcome to the world of Hawaii's Hip Hop Queen
KC Lyn

1.Q. What was the first hip hop song you heard that motivated you to want to be an MC?

A. "Gangsters Paradise" by Coolio. I used to sit and replay rap songs over and over again, while writing down the lyrics until I memorized the song to rap along with it.

2.Q. Can you tell Examiner readers the name of your first rap song you actually recorded, as well as where the inspiration came from?

A. Unfortunately, it was with a rap group called "JamroQ". This is when I began taking music seriously, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue instead of a normal nine to five job. I was put in a rap group that was short lived and something I would rather forget, due to the manager/member of the group not knowing what he was doing. He was a liar who abused his artists, while making promises he could not keep.

3.Q. How long have you been writing lyrics?

A. I have been writing since 1998. I use to keep a journal on me to write down my thoughts, as this was the year my dad had gone away to prison, so expressing myself through writing truly helped me through that. I kind of got away from the writing for a short time, venturing into break dancing in high school, but writing found it's way right back to me.

4.Q. What is your greatest inspiration when dealing with hip hop as a whole?

A. The kids are my greatest inspiration, because they are the future of hip hop. The kids need to know hip hop's true message, which is peace-love-unity and having a great time. That's the true fundamentals of hip hop, not some of the actions by others that give hip hop a bad name.

5.Q. A lot of people think they can pick up a microphone and start spitting words, can you tell me the key to being a successful lyrical mc?

A. It's all about confidence. If you are the real deal you won't be afraid to show it, letting your talents speak for you. It's also about being a positive person in your community, someone everyone can look up to while being a great role model for kids to look up to, which is rare in this day and age.

6.Q. Coming out of Hawaii, how hard is it to break into mainstream hip hop, verses the underground scene of hip hop?

A. The thing about Hawaii hip hop is you have to pay your dues while earning your respect, which is two totally different things. You must give respect to receive it, not allowing your ego to override your talent. In mainstream you can be a fake with wack lyrics, doing it just for the money and still get a bunch of love. If you are fake and wack on the underground scene, you get no love period.

7.Q. Your name KC Lyn is very catchy, how did the name come about?

A. KC stands for "Kid Chill" and Lyn is my middle name. I made "Kid Chill" my B-Girl name and I've been rocking it for a while now.

8.Q. Name four rappers that inspire your daily drive to be the best mc in the game?

A. That would have to be "Nas", "Biggie Smalls", "Eminem", and "KRS-ONE".

9.Q. Out of the many songs you have recorded, which song is your favorite and why?

A. "Life Of The Party", I put it up on YouTube and watched it generate 150,000 views, while having no promotional backing. I was getting hit up by people all over the world, saying how much they loved the song. This was an amazing feeling, seeing how much my music was being received by people I didn't even know.

10.Q. Your freestyle battle rap has put many mc's to shame in Hawaii, have you ever had any contenders that took the slaughter personal?

A. I was never really much of a "battle rapper" , I was more of a freestyle in a random parking lot with friends type of gal. I did battle rap a couple of times because I'm an mc with no limitations, causing the battle rap to take me out of my elements, but I had fun showing myself how much skills I really have. I learned a lot from it allowing the experience to advance me further, which is all that matters at thee end of the day.

11.Q. What are the things that make KC Lyn happy, as well as some of the things that tend to annoy you?

A. My daughter makes me the happiest person on the planet hands down. I just had her September of 2013 and she is the light of my life. Music is the second thing that makes me happy, besides my beautiful family which is all I need in life to be happy, while maintaining a healthy soul.

The things that annoy me are negative people, you know those crabs in the bucket type of people who never want to see you succeed, because they can't succeed in life? Those are the ones I can never dig at all, so I stay focused on a daily basis.

12.Q. Where can readers go to purchase your music?

A. They can purchase my first album "Dynamic" on iTunes, plus they can get my new album called "Fearless", which is coming this summer 2014. I have tons of music on, as well as Your readers can also follow me on Instagram at kclynemcee, and on Twitter at kclyn808.

13.Q. Is there anyone you want to give a shout out to before we end this interview?

A. Yes I do. Shout out to my Hawaii hip hop family, my St. Louis family, Bboy Solid, my Zulu family, as well as everyone that listens to my music and supports me. Stay positive world, while knowing that it is always one love.

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