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Kayden Powell, missing Wisconsin baby, found

Kayden Powell
Kayden Powell

The missing baby boy from Beloit, Wisconsin – Kayden Powell who was only 6 days old - has been found at a gas station just off of Interstate 80 in Iowa on Friday morning. The baby was found unharmed, wrapped in blankets and inside a tote bag, according to the Chicago Tribune on Friday.

Kayden, even though he was found outside in freezing temperatures, appeared to be in good health when he was found at the gas station in West Branch, Iowa around 10:15 a.m. on Friday. West Branch is some 180 miles away from the baby’s home in Beloit.

As the investigation continues into how the baby disappeared from his home, Kayden is being checked. Thus far, a woman who is the step-sister of the baby’s mother has been held by police in the disappearance of the baby. The baby’s mother – Brianna Marshall, 18 – previously told police that she noticed the baby was missing from her home when she woke up early on Thursday morning.

Beloit police questioned Marshall, the father of the baby - Bruce Marshall, 23 – and two other relatives who were in the house when the baby disappeared. They are not suspects in the disappearance of the baby boy. Reportedly, other family members and friends were interviewed in the case as well.