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Kayden Powell: Newborn baby is missing from Wisconsin

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A 5-day-old baby went missing from 836 E. Homeland Court, Town of Beloit, Wis. early Thursday morning and the police are questioning a woman from Iowa about his disappearance.

According to WKOW, the baby's name is Kayden J. Powell and he was last seen in his bassinet Wednesday night.

"The FBI is here, the Division of Criminal Investigation is in route and we've got assistance from the city of Beloit and Rock County Sheriff's Office," said Steve Kopp the police chief.

Brianna Marshall, 18, is Kayden's mother and she was sleeping in the same room with Kayden next to his bassinet. Evidently, the home belongs to someone else and Brianna, Bruce Powell, 23, Kayden's dad and Kayden were staying there that night.

Then this evening, Kopp announced that they had taken Kristen Smith from West Branch, Iowa into custody. Kristen said she was Brianna's sister on Brianna's father's side of the family, but there is no confirmation of that. The authorities found baby clothes with Kristen but not little Kayden. Police do know that Kristin left the same house that Bruce and Brianna were staying at sometime in the early morning.

There has been no Amber Alert, because it doesn't meet the hard rules and criteria, but it would be great if we had some kind of another alert that could be sent out. It will be up to the media, advocates and the public to share, share, share, to get the word out that little Kayden is missing.

If you have any information about this case please call the Town of Beloit Police Department at 608-757-2244.



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