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Kayakers survive great white shark attack off Plymouth [Video]

Two kayakers survived a great white shark attack off Plymouth, Mass. when the massive beast suddenly burst from the depths of the water and overturned one of the kayaks. Self-described "serious kayakers" Ida Parker and Kristin Orr were reportedly paddling about 150 yards offshore to investigate some seals at the time of the incident. The pair of adventurous women admired the cute animals and took some photographs just before disaster struck.

A sign reads 'Swim at Own Risk' at Ballston Beach where a swimmer was attacked July 30th by a great white shark on Cape Cod on August 12, 2012
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

The incident took place on Wed., Sept. 3, 2014. According to Yahoo!, the two twenty-something kayakers who survived the great white shark attack described the harrowing experience. "It happened so fast," Orr said. "I was talking to [Parker] and the next minute I'm in the water and I just see a shark biting my kayak."

"It was dark gray, pointy nose, big teeth, big eyes," Parker added. "It was like right next to me. It was petrifying."

Fortunately for the women, the great white shark swam away without injuring either of them. However, both of them were knocked into the water, and one of their kayaks was sinking after the dangerous encounter. A concerned witness called 911 around 6 p.m., and Plymouth harbormaster officials rescued the kayakers at Manomet Point after the attack, reported Boston Globe.

The big fish left behind a tooth fragment embedded in one of the kayaks. By examining the tooth fragment and the bite radius in the damaged kayak, an agency expert with the state Division of Marine Fisheries was able to confirm it was indeed a great white shark attack.

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