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Shark attacks kayakers: 2 women tossed into water as great white bites kayak

Great white shark knocks two women into the water when it attacks their kayak off Plymouth, Mass. beach Wednesday.
Great white shark knocks two women into the water when it attacks their kayak off Plymouth, Mass. beach Wednesday.
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A couple of best friends experienced an extremely close call with death as a great white shark knocked them out of their kayak and into the water, off the shore of Plymouth, Massachusetts on Wednesday. The women, who kayak in the same place frequently, were taking in the view of the seals frolicking along the shore when the great white came from under their tiny ocean going vessel, knocking them into the water, according to CNN News on Sept. 4.

The women, Ida Parker and Kristin Orr, were only 100 yards off shore when a shark measuring about 14 to 16 feet attacked their kayak. The shark bit the boat taking a big chunk out of the kayak, reports the Christian Science Monitor today. These women were actually in the water with the great white that just attacked their tiny sea-going vessel. To try and imagine the state of fear they must have been in would be impossible!

Parker said she was looking at Orr when the shark came from under the boat and the bump launched Orr backwards. Then the jarring of the kayak as it was hit by the shark flipped Parker over backwards into the water. One minute the women were talking and the next minute “I just see a shark biting my kayak,” Parker told the media.

The women’s screams alerted the boats in the area and three of the harbormasters also responded within 10 minutes. The women were pulled up out of the water and into a boat and luckily neither received any injuries.

The same couldn’t be said about the kayak, which was severely damaged with a huge bite taken out of it that “went across the kayak,” reports the Assistant Harbormaster Stefan Gustafson. Both women saw the shark up close and knew right away it was a great white. The creature swam away and didn’t stick around, which was lucky for the women, who are both in their 20s.

The shark was definitely a great white to put that size of a bite into the kayak. The harbormaster did not see the shark, but the bite in the vessel indicated it was one big shark. The State Division of Marine Fisheries confirmed it was a great white shark from the tooth fragment pulled out of the kayak that the shark took a chunk out of. The bite radius was humongous indicating the great white.

A Massachusetts State Police helicopter spotted a great white shark off Duxbury shore last week and radioed the beach to get everyone out of the water. That shark was just 75 yards of the beach when the copter caught sight of it. It was about the same size as the one that attacked the women's kayak, so maybe it is the same one. Over 1,000 people cleared out of the water last week when the shark sighting was announced to the people at the beach.

Gustafson said that the kayakers were “extremely lucky” and he didn’t think anything like this would happen off the shores of Plymouth. The women were in tears as they were pulled into a boat and brought back to shore. They don’t think they will get into a kayak again. Parker, who got the best up-close look at the predator, said:

"It was dark gray, pointy nose, big teeth, big eyes. It was like right next to me. It was petrifying."

The beaches in the area are closed and the harbormasters are scanning the water for any sight of the great white. It is very difficult to spot a shark from a boat unless the fin breaks the water’s surface, said Harbormaster Chad Hunter. So far no shark has been spotted.

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