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Kayak says summer travel deals are for international destinations

Kayak, my favorite travel app not only lets you find the best deal on travel, but they share their findings to make your travel planning a bit easier.

Where are the best spring and summer deals from Kayak?

The spring and summer travel season is upon us and Kayak has analyzed all flight and hotel searches conducted on Kayak from January 1 through mid-March and has put out some interesting findings on where Americans are headed this spring and summer. Along with naming these popular destinations, they let you know how much you might want to expect to pay for airfare.

It's been a bad winter- across the entire country, so Americans are heading south this spring and for Memorial Day and this summer international destinations in Europe and Asia are going to be popular in findings from Kayak.

Looking for lower airfares? Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is the toptrending destination for flight searches, up 59% compared to last Memorial Day. The average airfare to the destination also dropped 3% year-over-year to $559.34.

San Jose, Costa Rica is another great getaway. It saw the biggest drop in airfare as compared to 2013 – down 10% to $524.24 (it also has a 20% increase in searches year-over-year). Increases in demand are also showing for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Nashville, TN; New Orleans, LA; Austin, TX and Savannah, GA.

For summer 2014, all 10 of the trending destinations for Americans are international, as are 5 of the top 10 trending hotel destinations. It bit unusual, but think about it. A popular international soccer tournament, that the entire world will be following in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil took the top trending hotel and flight slots by a landslide:

Here are some of Kayak's results per Kayak:

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 222% increase in demand YoY, average airfare $1,670.25 (306% increase in hotel demand)

2. Milan, Italy: 67%, $1,149.25

3. Athens, Greece: 37%, $1,478.07

4. Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel: 23%, $1,418.82

5. Seoul, Korea: 21%, $1,475.40

6. Frankfurt am Main, Germany: 20%, $1,318.59

7. Beijing, China: 15%, $1,557.95

8. San Jose Cabo, Mexico: 13%, $486.74

9. Dublin, Ireland: 12%, $1,074.39

10. Madrid, Spain: 12%, $1,267.35

Looking to head north this summer and still get a deal?

Anchorage, Alaska saw the biggest decrease in average airfare compared to summer of 2013, (8%), down to $594.

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