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Kay Robertson: 'Duck Dynasty' star reveals family secret, son born before vows

Kay Robertson, the mom of the “Duck Dynastyfamily and a star on the show in her own right, revealed a big family secret this week. The matriarch opened up in a new interview that her first son was born out of wedlock — before she had taken her legal vows and gotten married to husband Phil Robertson in a relatively quiet wedding ceremony. The Huffington Post reports this Tuesday, July 1, 2014, that this is the very first time Kay has shared such news with the world, as the revelation does seem to go against the reality television family’s strict moral code.

Kay Robertson, 'Duck Dynasty' star reveals family secret of son
Photo File (Twitter), Liberty Live

As evidenced in the latest issue of Us Weekly, Kay Robertson is proving that even her religious family has a couple of secrets hidden in their closet. In a new interview, the “Duck Dynasty” star has disclosed that her first son, Alan, was born before she officially had her wedding legalized to Phil Robertson. While the matriarch often stands behind her husband and son’s upstanding values, Kay revealed in the wedlock baby shocker that there is a discrepancy between saying her church vows and making her marriage legal.

According to her interviewed statements, Phil and Kay said their vows before God and to each other back in 1964. The “Duck Dynasty” mom was only 16 years old at the time. However, the two current TV stars didn’t get married in the eyes of the law until four years later, in 1968.

"Well, this is the first time I've shared this, aside from giving my testimony [in church]. When I made a vow to God and to [Phil], it was March 22, 1964," she said. "It wasn't legal. That's the truth. We didn't do the legal papers until April 11, 1968, after Alan, my oldest, was born. Alan says, 'Yeah, I would be the B [bastard] in the family.'"

The Daily Mail adds this afternoon that Alan Robertson apparently knows of this previous family secret, and can humorously call himself the first son — only a baby at the time — born out of wedlock. Yet the revelation doesn’t bother the happy matriarch any longer. The mom of four “Duck Dynasty” sons say that this “secret” has even become something of a family joke, as Kay Robertson now always requests her children clarify which wedding they are talking about when the topic comes up in conversation.

"Now, the family laughs about it," she added. "People ask, 'When was your mama's wedding?' and the boys say, 'Which, the pioneer wedding or the regular wedding?'"

The popular family has reason to be proud of Kay and husband Phil. The two recently shared their golden anniversary together back in December 2013, and the patriarch of the “Duck Dynasty” clan offered his longtime bride a beautiful wedding ring to commemorate the special occasion. After all, 50 years together for man and wife is quite an accomplishment.

Although Kay Robertson may have reason to be proud of her own marital successes, her husband has made some more controversial comments regarding holy matrimony in recent years. He was recorded on video saying that boys should be marrying girls when the females are only 15 to 16 years old, and was heard saying just last year to his many listeners at church:

"If you’re a man, find yourself a woman, marry them and keep your sex right there.”

What do you think of the "Duck Dynasty" star opening up that her first son was born before she and Phil Robertson legally said their vows? Is Kay's baby out of wedlock news nothing special, or a surprising revelation giving the religious belief of this reality television star?

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