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Kavan Smith talks ‘Supernatural’ and upcoming film with Danneel Ackles

Actor Kavan Smith
Actor Kavan Smith
Trevor Brady

Actor Kavan Smith nailed the part of the former Men of Letters character Cumbort Sinclair. Eccentric, evil, and surprisingly funny, Smith brought some much needed twisted fun to last week’s episode ‘Blade Runners.’ This Edmonton, Alberta born actor is known for his role as Major Evan Lorne SyFy’s ‘Stargate Atlantis,’ Deputy Andy in ‘Eureka,’ along with spots in ‘Sanctuary,’ ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ and the film ‘Mission to Mars.’ Soon to be seen in the film ‘Baby Bootcamp’ co-starring with Danneel Ackles.

Q. Welcome back to the ‘Supernatural’ fandom with your return to the CW’s hit show in this week’s episode called ‘Blade Runners.’ As a big ‘Stargate: Atlantis’ fan, I was excited to see your name on the cast. Your fans no doubt were smiling with your fabulous performance as Henry Winchester’s mentor, Cumbort Sinclair. Can you share how the cast and crew welcomed you back to the set?

A. I had a great time. Everyone was just as cool as they were the last time. Maybe I can make it back for a third time. Fun character to play.

Q. Tell your fans about the film ‘Baby Bootcamp’ with Danneel Ackles as well as any other projects that you have in the works.

A. Danneel is wonderful. No BS. Just a nice fun down to earth girl. We had a riot. Low budget can be scary. She made it fun. Work with her again any time. Her husband is a pretty great guy too.

Q. My Examiner readers would love to know if you are a fan of sci-fi or horror.

A. Sci-fi yes. Horror- no. I have a hard enough time sleeping without filling my head with all that nonsense. Too sensitive I suppose. My shadow scares the shit out me. But when it comes to sci-fi I’m strictly old school. The older and campier the better.

Q. Do you have any hidden talents?

A. I’m actually a pretty damn good cook. Working on the writing. Hopefully that’ll get better in time. Also play great air guitar. Wait no that’s a lie.

Q. I'm going to end with what's become my signature question. If you were a baseball player, what would your walk up song be? What song pumps you up and inspires you?

A. Changes every day. Today it’d be ‘The House that Dirt Built’ by “The Heavy” killer song.

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