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Katy Perry writes new theme song for Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential campaign

Katy Perry is supporting Hillary Clinton if she chooses to run in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, and her offer to help sway votes would be to write a new “theme song” of sorts for the possible Democratic contender. With Perry’s last musical hit, “Dark Horse,” still a popular single on national radio stations and the campaign to encourage Clinton to run for president picking up steam, these two leading ladies uniting forces would result in one powerful duo. The Hollywood Reporter shares this Sunday, June 22, 2014, that Katy Perry allegedly said she would “love” to show her backing of the political figure by sponsoring a special song for her.

Hillary Clinton and Katy Perry, new theme song
Wikimedia Commons

When she’s not topping music charts with her latest successful hits, Katy Perry is one celebrity always making news via her unique style and flair, too. Now, word of a possible Clinton-Perry ticket of sorts has been made known, as the “Roar” star has revealed she’s proudly behind Hillary Clinton running for president this 2016. A great way to jumpstart the political campaign, Perry reasons, is to do what Katy does best, sing a song about it.

Although Hillary Clinton has made it quite clear so far this year that she has not decided whether she will be running in the upcoming presidential race, that hasn’t deterred Katy Perry from showing her unwavering support for the influential woman. The popular singer was recently spotted posing with the former First Lady for a special photo op, and reportedly told her she would be honored to write a theme song for her, a new song of particular purpose, if you will, performed to rally a massive political foundation for Clinton.

News Oxy adds today that Katy Perry also made her love for the Democratic party of the U.S. nation known by singing for President Obama and an audience this week. The “Dark Horse” star most recently took to Instagram to show her support for Hillary Clinton and what she would be willing to do to help ensure her a campaign as a possible 2016 presidential candidate.

“I told Hillary Clinton that I would write her a ‘theme’ song if she needs it.”

In addition to being known for her unique style, unshakeable confidence, and captivating voice, Katy Perry taking a tentative step into the political realm wouldn’t be too absurd a notion. And with all of the times that the singer has died her hair, whether it be to make a fashion statement or simply to align well with a recent music video, it’s possible she could very well make a combination hair dye of red, white, and blue when the eventual election rolls around..

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