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Katy Perry talks about healing from her breakup with Russell Brand

Although Katy Perry is happily dating John Mayer, she still remembers how difficult it was to go through her breakup with ex-husband, Russell Brand.

Katy Perry opens up about a difficult period of her life.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In an interview with UK's OK! magazine (via a January 12, 2014 Belfast Telegraph report), the "Roar" singer offered words of wisdom to those going through similar heartbreak. As she commented, "you should always be true to yourself and know self-love before any other kind of love."

Perry's divorce had taken such an emotional toll, that she had even contemplated suicide.

Thankfully, the 29-year-old pop star is now in a much healthier emotional place. As she told OK!, her journey towards healing involved meditation, long hikes, and opening up to her friends.

As she explained, "I realized I had to stop blaming other people for my sadness and take responsibility for my own pain and then bring myself to a more positive place. It was hard."

This month, the "Part of Me" singer sold the house that she shared with her ex. Although she ended up having to take a $1 million loss, it was worth it, as selling this home will finally allow her to move on for good.

These days, Perry and Mayer are going strong. Rumor has it that he is already referring to her as his "wife," that he is close to proposing, and that he has been asking his friends for advice about rings.

Do you agree with Katy Perry's breakup advice? Are you glad to see her find healing from her divorce? Do you think she and John Mayer are meant to be?

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