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Katy Perry song stops crying baby video: Bieber's 'Baby' song stops bear attack

Katy Perry joked about the news of the viral video of the baby who stopped crying when she heard her song. She took to Twitter after hearing this news, saying she charges $10 bucks an hour as a babysitter. Perry’s quip followed the news of video going viral showing a screaming baby in the backseat of a car immediately turn happy and actually move to the music when mom popped in Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse.”

Katy Perry song stops crying baby in a video gone viral today
YouTube screen shot

According to the CNN Entertainment News on August 6, the viral video, which can be seen above, has been viewed by more than 3 million YouTube viewers so far. The morning news shows have picked up on the phenomenon of Katy Perry’s song soothing this crying baby. The video can be seen above.

The baby actually gets instantly excited and does her best strapped into the car seat to break into dance moves. It seems as if a new market is developing for top pop songs these days, as Justin Bieber singing “Baby” on a ringtone was reported to have stopped a bear mauling of a man in Russia, according to Austrian Times.

A man was making his way to his favorite fishing spot in the woods when out of nowhere he felt immense pressure on his back when a bear pounced on him. Igor Vorozhbitsyn said the bear was getting the better of him in this mauling and he thought his life was going to end right there, until he got a call on his cell phone.

The ringtone on his phone is Justin Bieber’s “Baby” song and as soon as that ringtone filled the air, the bear went running scared, leaving Igor on the ground bleeding. He managed to call for help and some other men in the area who were also there to fish helped rescue Igor.

He was taken to a hospital and is recuperating from this harrowing experience. The bear left deep bites and cuts on his head, chest, arms and hands. He would have been dead if the phone didn't ring spewing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” song through the woods!

Igor, who is a strapping, lumberjack-looking-type of man said the ringtone was put on the phone as a joke by his granddaughter. He left it there because it was his granddaughter’s handy work. Today he is thankful that the song “Baby” filled the air and scared off the bear.

Katy Perry voice was soothing in comparison to Bieber, whose voice apparently scared a bear! Perry took to Twitter after viewing the video of the crying baby to say:

“Available for babysitting at 10 dollars an hour & 4 Oreos:”

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