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Katy Perry shows off sexy body after breakup with John Mayer

Katy Perry took to Instagram to show off her post breakup body.
Katy Perry Via Instagram

While many of her fans are still shocked at the change to slime green hair, Katy Perry is reinventing herself following her recent breakup with John Mayer. It has been a little more than a month since KP and Mayer broke up, but the “Dark Horse” singer is excitedly moving forward with her life. According to an April 9 story by E! Online, the star is rapidly recovering from her latest heartache.

The story is based upon reports by someone close to the singer, and it turns out that the emotional trauma of the breakup is quickly fading. This is not particularly surprising given Perry’s hectic schedule and career ambitions. As a result of her ambition and work ethic, Perry has retreated into her work, and is currently focused solely on her tour, sources say.

While breakups are never easy, recovering from one is probably far easier if you are one of the sexiest people in the world and have a vast fortune. Regardless of your opinion of her music, there is little doubt in Perry’s sexual appeal and professional success.

According to an April 9 report by Celebuzz, Perry recently took to Instagram to remind the world why she is one the sexiest performers. The post features a sultry Perry, looking deeply into the camera. The “Roar” singer is wearing a blue and yellow sequined dress that reveals a startling amount of the singer’s hot bod. Additionally, its apparent the singer has been working hard on her figure as she has almost the perfect hourglass body.

While Mayer may regret breaking up with Perry, there is little doubt that a countless men would happily fill his absence. Fortunately, Perry’s busy career will help her move forward from her ill fated relationship.

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