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Katy Perry's new video "Firework" honors troubled youth of all persuasions

Katy Perry "Firework"
Katy Perry "Firework"

In music news, Gay icon and pop star Katy Perry released her anticipated video for the single "Firework" today. The piece's conviction to its theme is strong, and extremely topical. The story line depicts an array of youth in varying scenarios of bullying, insecurity, depression, loneliness, and isolation, among others, juxtaposed with color, movement, and Perry, of course.

The video's message is clear. Hope, fortitude, love of self and of life. She honors the kids/ scenarios in the video, offering today's youth a message of bountiful optimism, self-acceptance and one of a bright and beautiful tomorrow ("her own sort of it gets better contribution" as suggested by Andy Towle at towleroad).

Check out Katy's powerful and positive message on the tab at left, and pass on her message of compassion and hope for the youth of today.