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Katy Perry’s Grammy performance of ‘Dark Horse’ gets creepy

Katy Perry hit the stage of the "65th Annual Grammy Awards" and the fans went wild. The entertainer looked like she was in a snow globe or maybe she was standing in front of a moon when she started her performance of "Dark Horse." While most fans were looking forward to a special performance, everyone will agree the segment was a little bit on the dark side. On Twitter some fans even compared the segment to the dark side of the Salem witches as the moving elements were so uncomfortable to watch.

Katy Perry had her pal Juicy J accompanying her on the performance. The music sounded good and most people watching in the audience thought it was studio quality, the star had a tough job sounding so good while still maneuvering the stage for the cameras. She made it look flawless, but there was no doubt she repeatedly rehearsed it to look good.

Katy Perry is up for several awards at the 2014 Grammys. The star was a big part of the red carpet and there is no doubt her performance on Sunday will be discussed around the water cooler on Monday. It was an intriguing moment that many didn't expect to see.

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