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Katy Perry’s 'Dark Horse' nails

Katy Perry’s Dark Horse music video featuring Juicy J is colorful, interesting and full of appealing Egyptian-inspired beauty looks. Many of Katy’s makeup and nail looks include a mixture of electric blue and gold colors. There were three main nail looks that stood out to me during the video.

Katy Perry dressed in Egyptian-inspired costume during live performance.
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Her first nail look was an outline/border nail. The base color was a bright, royal blue. For this particular design, the border of her each of her nails were painted in a thin black stripe.

Katy Perry also wore an Egyptian Ankh nail art design in the video. The Egyptian Ankh is a cross like symbol with an oval loop towards the top. It represents the concept of eternal life. It appears that the base color of this nail look was a dark colored polish and the ankh was painted in white.

A curved, v-tip French manicure was also a standout nail look in the music video. This manicure look featured a gold base coat. A v-shaped French tip with electric blue nail polish finished the look off.

Check the full-length Dark Horse music video out HERE.

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