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Katy Perry nose piercing conjures memories: Katy's mom gets second apology

Katy Perry did something with a safety pin and a few cubes of ice when she was just knee-high to a grasshopper, well, very young. That left a scar and Perry regrets her attempt to look cool by putting a hole in her nose with a pin back when she was just 13 years-old. Instead of replicating her mistake again, she went to a professional, according to the Huffington Post on August 16th.

Katy Perry's nose piercing comes with a grimace and tiny scream and an apology to her mom!
Katy Perry/ Instagram

Today one of the biggest pop stars of the day got her nose pierced again and she did it under the watchful lens of a camera so she could share the procedure with her fans. You can see Katy Perry get her nose pierced by a professional this time around in the video above.

Katy didn’t say where she was when she had her nose pierced, but through Mail Online’s deductive reasoning it looks as though they’ve figured it out. Her last concert was in Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena on Thursday. She said she got her nose done on Friday, so most likely she was in Ohio for the hole in her right nostril event! The website also reveals that she “winced” once during her needle procedure.

Katy took to Instagram to post her experience for all to see and where she also wrote about her safety pin piercing when she was 13. She apologized to her mom for both times. Apparently Katy’s mom wasn’t thrilled about her beautiful daughter marring her nose over a decade ago.

From the sounds of her double apology, which was “Sorry mom (again),” you can surmise that mom won’t be too thrilled that her daughter gave it another go. Katy’s got a hole there alright, if you watch the video you can see the piercing, but she hasn’t offered up what type of jewelry she’ll adorn her nose with as of yet.

Already suggestions of Katy wearing a stud that shoots “whip cream or dragon fire,” was a quip that the Huffington Post passed along today. With all the flamboyant outfits seen on this pop star, a nose stud shooting fire, colored water or even creating a mist isn’t that too far-fetched for Perry. If it can be done, don't be too surprised to see her give it a try.

Another little tidbit about Perry: Due to the noticeable gap in her tour schedule from Dec. 20 to Feb. 16, the buzz is gaining ground about her possibly headlining the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show. This is still in the rumor stage, but just maybe she’ll rock the house for that event.

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