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Katy Perry not a fan of selfies

Don't ask Katy Perry for a selfie
Don't ask Katy Perry for a selfie
Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

While social media-ites everywhere continue to pull out their phone for selfies, Katy Perry is not among them. In fact, it sounds like she downright despises these types of photos. She attended Harper Bazaar's private pool party at Coachella on Friday, April 11, and apparently someone ruffled her feathers for asking her to take a self shot photo. The 'Roar' singer took to her Twitter on Friday to express her frustrations: Dear festival friends remember, selfing is a disease.

According to the Hollywood Reporter a fan handed the pop star her phone and asked her to take a selfie of herself. Reportedly, Perry initially refused, but agreed when the fan said they would pose with her. Shortly after the incident, Perry posted the above tweet.

Recent studies have shown that selfing is linked to narcissism and mental illness. Perhaps this is what Perry meant by calling it a disease. Still, the trend remains to be as 'in' as ever. Apparently Katy Perry won't be keeping it alive though.

Do you take selfies? Do you think it's a disease? Sound off in the comment section below!