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Katy Perry gets a flower bouquet after 34 couples marry on 2014 Grammys

Katy Perry gets a bouquet of flowers after 34 couples marry on Grammys
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Katy Perry was one of the lucky ladies on the 54th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night. After an elaborate performance with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis there was a moment that couldn't be ignored. In addition to vocals by Madonna and the marrying by Queen Latifah, the massive wedding of 34 couples had marriage on the minds of the Grammy audience.

Somehow in all the hoopla it was Katy Perry who got a bouquet of flowers from one of the brides. While it wasn't initially clear how the artist snagged one of the flower bouquets what was obvious was the star was happy to grab it. Smiling and taking part of the moment, Katy Perry appeared to be holding the flowers. Confirmed by Hollywood Reporter, the fans watching at home started asking if she would be the next star in the building getting married.

The performance of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ song Same Love, was one of the best yet. When Madonna showed up to sing her song people in the audience were getting teary eyed and full of emotion. The couple also were happy and reminded everyone that people should be able to marry whoever they want.

As for Katy Perry all the Grammy viewers know she is dating John Mayer. Perhaps he is her soul mate? Well, if the bouquet of flowers indicates anything, then maybe it is true!

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