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Katy Perry burns Allah pendant in video, Muslims outraged

Katy Perry upsets Muslims because of the blasphemy in her music video.
Katy Perry upsets Muslims because of the blasphemy in her music video.

It was reported by MTV on Feb. 27 that Katy Perry has received some negative feedback from her music video for her hit single, "Dark Horse." Many Muslims were offended by an image of a pendant of Allah being burned in the video, therefore forcing the music video to be edited. There was a petition launched for the highly controversial clip that reportedly portrayed blasphemy. The petition for Perry’s video ultimately drew over 65,000 signatures.

The song "Dark Horse" was released in September of 2013. And towards the end of January 2014 the song became a No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100. This was Perry’s ninth No. 1 single with the Billboard Hot 100. The music video to the song was released a little less than a month later, in mid-February.

In Perry’s video, the image that has caused so much controversy takes place about a minute and 15 seconds in. The video shows a man who wears many necklaces melting into a pile of sand. Among the chains around his neck, is a pendant that spelled out “Allah,” and burned up with him. “Allah” is the Arabic word for "God," which is why the video created so much outrage. Perry was said to appear to be representing the opposition of God and engulfed the believer along with the word Allah in flames.

A spokesperson for Perry unfortunately would not return any calls for a comment. However it has appeared that the official Katy Perry music video was altered with the “Allah” pendant being blurred out. There are no reports on how the outraged citizens feel about the changes to the video or if they are still appalled that the video continues to exist.