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Katy Perry booed: Visibly shaken from cruel welcome at Moschino runway

Katy Perry booed at Milan Fashion Week event, she was visibly shaken.
Katy Perry booed at Milan Fashion Week event, she was visibly shaken.
Twitter/ Jeremy Scott

Katy Perry was visibly shaken when she was booed as she arrived at the Moschino runway presentation at Milan Fashion Week. It wasn’t just one or two boos that Perry found herself facing, but a chorus of boos that were sent her way.

According to MSN Wonder Wall on Feb. 21, the reason for the cold and cruel welcome was that the photographers had been waiting for Katy’s scheduled arrival and she was an hour late. Fashionably late is one thing, but she was an entire hour late, which caused some folks to get their gander up over her tardiness.

Come to find out later, it wasn’t even Perry’s fault. She was told to arrive at 9 p.m. and thought she was ahead of the game when she came in at 8:55 p.m., it was the folks who did the scheduling that made the mistake. Apparently Perry was scheduled for 8 p.m., or at least that's what the photographers were told.

While Perry did stand on the runway and pose for pictures, the “Dark Horse” singer appeared fairly uncomfortable, and folks at the event said she never quite got her comfort level back during the show.

Designer Jeremy Scott, who was showing his collection for Mochino, later tweeted and thanked Perry and Rita Ora, who also attended the event. Scott tweeted:


He posted this along with the picture above of the two lovely ladies wearing his designs.

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