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Katy Perry becomes one of Grammy's biggest losers

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards, held at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 26, 2014, kicked off with another round of nominations for chart queen Katy Perry. That was the good news. Perry celebrated by attending the awards ceremony with her brother, David Hudson.

Katy Perry performing 'Dark Horse' at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards
Grammy Awards

The bad news is, she still hasn’t won. This year, 16-year-old Lorde swept the awards for Song of the Year and Best Solo Vocal Performance, effectively shutting Perry out for the fifth year in a row. Perry’s nominations so far include:

  1. 2008 "I Kissed A Girl" - Best Pop Female Vocal Performance
  2. 2009 "Hot 'n' Cold" - Best Pop Female Vocal Performance
  3. 2010 "Teenage Dream" - Best Pop Female Vocal Performance
  4. 2010 'Teenage Dream" - Album of The Year,
  5. 2010 'Teenage Dream" - Record of the Year
  6. 2010 'California Gurls" (feat. Snoop Dogg) - Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals
  7. 2011 "Firework" - Record of the Year,
  8. 2011 "Firework" - Best Pop Vocal Performance
  9. 2012 "Wide Awake" – Best Pop Solo Performace
  10. 2013 "Roar" – Song of the Year
  11. 2013 "Roar" – Best Pop Solo Performance

This year was slated to be her breakthrough year. After a 6-nomination losing streak at the American Music Awards, she was given a Special Achievement Award for having the most No. 1 singles in a row from an album, with Teenage Dream. She finally broke through in 2013, winning an American Music Award for Best Pop/Rock Female Artist.

Perry’s won 14 People’s Choice Awards, the Woman of the Year award from Billboard Magazine, and 13 ASCAP awards; with even more sure to be on the way. How is it that a multi-platinum selling artist is still waiting to win a Grammy?

In the past two years, the Grammys eliminated having separate categories for male and female artists. This cut the field of nominees and awards in half. In many ways, it just isn’t fair. It was meant to reinforce the idea that winning a Grammy Award is special and exclusive. But, with so many pop artists out there making music, it is just about impossible to win these days.

Although, Perry doesn’t seem to let it bother her. Unlike Justin Bieber who made his displeasure with the awards known over the years, Perry roared her way through the night, performing her song, "Dark Horse" from the album Prism. She even stood up and cheered for Lorde when she won her awards.

There are still artists who have won and lost more Grammys than Perry. But, the number is starting to thin out since the last iteration of this article written in 2011, Is Katy Perry the Grammys’ biggest loser? And Perry is now quickly gaining on them.

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Just ahead of Perry’s losing streak, Bjork is better at wearing bizarre swan outfits than she is at winning Grammys, with 13 losses. She has not officially beat out Vanessa Williams, who saved the best for last, but still couldn’t win despite being nominated 11 times. And even Busta Rhymes also couldn't bust out of his 11-loss-streak before fading from the music industry. But Perry is still young and scoring hits left and right.

Perry's "California Gurls" collaborator Snoop Dogg can get arrested for possession but can't seem to arrest a Grammy Award, having been nominated 14 times without a win. Country singer Martina McBride also clocks in at 14 losses, despite being the queen of country music.

The biggest losers of all are Joe Satriani with 15 losses and the record holder, Brian McKnight, who has total of 16 losses.

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