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Katy Perry accused of blasphemy in ‘Dark Horse,’ delivers baby

Katy Perry is under fire for how her "Dark Horse" music video despicts Muslims.
Katy Perry

Katy Perry has had a volatile week, as the American recording artist celebrated helping deliver a baby, then split from her boyfriend and drew heavy criticism for alleged anti-Muslim symbolism in her “Dark Horse” music video, Fox News reported on Feb. 27.

The Katy Perry video posted on YouTube was indeed altered after an online petition claimed it was offensive to the Muslim religion. The original Katy Perry “Dark Horse” video showed a man being burned while wearing a pendant forming the word “Allah,” claimed the man behind the “Dark Horse” petition on, Shazad Iqbal.

The revised Katy Perry “Dark Horse” video now has the questionable pendant scrubbed from the scene.

The video shows Katy Perry as Cleopatra, sitting on a throne as suitors try to woo her. The video has actually been lauded for its historical accuracy, Time noted.

But some critics contend that it’s blasphemous. More than 60,000 people signed the petition against the Katy Perry video.

Still, the Katy Perry “Dark Horse” video has already garnered more than 40 million views on YouTube, Billboard said.

You can watch the “Dark Horse” video on the Katy Perry website.

Meanwhile, in more upbeat Katy Perry news, Perry says that she helped deliver a baby this week, the New York Daily News reported. Katy Perry revealed the news on her Twitter account, writing that she can add “helps delivers babies in living rooms to my resume!” It’s presumed she was referring to the birth of her niece by big sister Angela Hudson.

Yet that baby news came only hours after Katy Perry apparently split with boyfriend John Mayer.

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