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Katt, Cannon share Short Man Syndrome

Comedian Katt Williams brings his Growth Spurt Tour to Charlotte, April 12, Bojangles' Arena during a controversial time in shamed Ex-Mayor Patrick Cannon’s life. Coincidentally, Katt and Cannon share symptoms of the Vertical Challenged, also called Napoleon Complex, or better known as Short Man Syndrome. Oxford University professor Daniel Freeman conducted virtual reality studies that concluded the condition does exist.

Katt at The Comedy Store
Fellow Buckeyes, Katt and Celeste

SMS, defined- an angry male of below average height, 5’4-5’6, who feels it necessary to act out in an attempt to gain respect and recognition; aggressive, overcompensating, eager to prove themselves; risk-taking behavior, mistrust, paranoid and jealous.

I met Katt at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood, September, 2008, he had attended the Obama colossal 2008 campaign fundraiser. He, a little light skinned girl and a small entourage entered the outside patio with his ‘supposed’ body guard in lead. The ‘guard’ stopped at my table, flirted as the group walked past and they sat across the room. Katt took pictures with folks and ventured to my table, we talked, he kept calling me ‘fellow Buckeye’ as we’re both from Ohio, me, Cleveland, him, Dayton. He went back to the table with his girl while ‘guard’ gave me his number, talking shit with his back turned to Katt the whole time. Katt got up, came back over, whispered something in ‘guard’ ear and shortly after, everybody frantically rushed out. I realized my short-lived date wasn’t lying, he WAS the body guard.

Club ‘after talk’ gossipers claimed Katt’s always paranoid and worried about guys coming after that girl.
“Katt said that he doesn’t trust anyone anymore, everyone has turned against him,” stated his attorney, Garryl Deas, after Katt sought psychiatric treatment in a South Carolina center, two months after our Comedy Store encounter. Rumors circulated Katt caught ‘girlfriend’ with a close associate or family member in a sexual encounter. His paranoia and mistrust stems from being smart, not short.

Cannon, on the other hand, wasn’t paranoid or mistrustful enough but he acted out, was eager to prove himself and an aggressive risk-taker. Shorter men’s lack of confidence regarding their height might cause them to distract from it by proving themselves powerful and able to ‘mix with the big boys’ according to Health Guidance.

Cannon said the position of mayor is a weak form of government, pays little and has no real authority. “I can’t think of a more rewarding job,” said Cannon in October, 2013, sworn in December, indicted for corruption after years of FBI set-ups and tapings, in March. Cannon’s tactics are stemmed from being just dumb, not short, but maybe he could use SMS as a defense tactic in court.

Cognitive behavioral therapists suggest SMS victims look at the positiveness of being a shorty like the lower center of gravity, being able to keep under the radar, easily gain muscle to appear stockier, more agile, better reflexes and some women prefer shorter men because they're less intimidating and 'they so cute'. Treatment for SMS include raising self-esteem or raising the insoles in shoes.

Katt fans are hesitant in buying Katt’s tickets because, ‘he doesn’t show up…we’re going to wait till the last minute.’ According to Katt, those 15 shows were presented by ‘fake promoters’ and he issued a memo when he announced he was leaving comedy. Many didn’t get it. He said he had legal issues to deal with, coincidentally, so does Cannon. This is the last minute for Growth Spurt, defined - to grow a lot in a short period of time, at Bojangles, this Saturday. Tickets range from $60 - $150.

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