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Katniss shown in first “Mockingjay” still

The first image from "Mockingjay" shows Katniss
The first image from "Mockingjay" shows Katniss

Good news for all your Hunger Games fans, the first still has been released from the upcoming film, Mockingjay Pt. 1, and it shows our leader Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) ready to make a stand against the Capital.

While initially it seems like good news, it’s important to point out that the still is actually from the trailer. It was when Katniss was asked to stand up and fight with them and she agrees.

The first teaser was released last week and gave us a first look at what we can expect from the movie. It looks like director Francis Lawrence will be showing more of the rebellion side that we don’t get to see in the book. It also showed District 13 bonding together to get behind Katniss as she agrees to lead the rebellion.

Early last week, Lionsgate released character posters from the movie showing Beetee, Finnick, President Coin, and Plutarch. They offered an eerie feeling as they are standing next to the boundaries of District 13.

There is still no news on when the first official full length trailer will be released, but speculation has it coming within the next month or so. Good news about this still that we can look at is that there will probably be more coming.

Mockingjay pt. 1 is set to come out November 21st with the second half and final movie in the series to come out November 20th 2015.

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What do you think of the first Mockingjay still?

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