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Katniss is back in first “Mockingjay” poster

The first poster for Katniss released for the upcoming movie "Mockingjay pt 1"

Earlier today, the first poster for Katniss for Mockingjay was released through the Mockingjay app.

While the poster only shows her from behind, the black signifies the darkness that is sure to be in the movie and it contradicts the Capital posters that have been released of Snow, Peeta, and Johanna. For those fans that pay attention, the tagline at the bottom of the poster, “I am. I will” is what she says in the teaser trailer when asked if she’s going to fight. It looks like they showed that clip for a reason. So it would tie in with this poster.

The headline under the poster is what you want to pay attention to. It reads: “Our leader the Mockingjay arrives on 9/10.” With the #OLTM after it. It’s not really clear what this means as in regards to what could be released, whether it be a full length trailer or a poster showing Katniss’s face, but it’s going to be amazing either way.

This release comes right on the heels of the first character posters for the other rebels and the launch of the Mockingjay: Our Leader app.

Stay tuned for more information on Mockingjay and check back in on 9/10 to find out what District 13 has up their sleeves next.

What do you think of the poster?

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