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Katie Yeager claims her baby daddy has drug money but no money for child support

'Teen Mom 3' star Katie Yeager poses with daughter Molli at a wedding.
'Teen Mom 3' star Katie Yeager poses with daughter Molli at a wedding.
Katie Yeager/Instagram

Katie Yeager and her ex-boyfriend, Joey Maes, are reportedly headed to court. Currently, the former "Teen Mom 3" star is raising her daughter and planning for a major move, but first, she and Maes will allegedly sort out their custody arrangement for their three-year-old daughter, Molli.

On "Teen Mom 3," fans watched as Yeager and Maes had a major falling out, which ended their relationship and made it hard to co-parent. In the years that followed, Maes reportedly began using drugs, and now, judging by a few recent tweets from Yeager, he's failing to pay child support.

According to an Aug. 19 report by Wetpaint Entertainment, Yeager recently revealed that Maes "lives in California." She also recently tweeted, "No money to take your child. No money to get her a gift. But thank God you always have money for drugs. Priorities."

Although Yeager's tweets weren't directed at anyone in particular, many assumed they were directed at Maes, and since he's out of the picture, the shoe fits. Luckily, Yeager appears to be making some headway when it comes to getting her former significant other to help her out financially in raising their daughter.

"I'm so happy the boy will be in town before court, I wouldn't be able to do this without him," Yeager tweeted, hinting that she and Maes would soon be going to court to sort out their ongoing issues.

Meanwhile, things between Yeager and her mystery boyfriend are getting serious. Earlier this month, Yeager revealed plans to move to Las Vegas to be closer to her boyfriend. She also tweeted to fans, saying she's looking for work in Sin City.

Hopefully, Yeager and Maes' custody arrangement will be worked out before she leaves. Either way, Maes is long-distance and that is sure to make things hard for him to see Molli, but if he is using drugs, it is probably best he doesn't see her.

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